'Women Without Men'

Dir. Shirin Neshat
(2010, Not Rated, 95 min)
★ ★

From its title, you’d immediately expect Women Without Men to be a feminist tract, and that’s what you get — sort of. Set amidst the overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected prime minister Mohammed Mossadegh in the early 1950s, it tells the story of four women, each oppressed by men in some way, and how they find respite. But the film, written and directed by Shirin Neshat from a novel by Shahrnush Parsipur, is structured so loosely that it’s all but formless, unable to draw its disparate characters, stories, and themes together into any kind of cohesive whole. What is the film about? A little bit of everything, and nothing … Read my full review at Culturazzi.org.