This post is the 400th entry in my Filmic blog, but that’s not the only milestone I’ve reached in the last week.

September 11, a solemn day for obvious reasons, was also the day in 2008 I started this blog, which means Filmic also recently turned four. That’s an average of 100 posts per year.

If that weren’t enough, in the last week I also achieved 100,000 page views, and I’m guessing at least eight or nine of those didn’t come from Google image searches.

NASA scientists celebrate my blog

When I’ve marked milestones like these before, I’ve whimsically taken a moment to note how many visitors have come in search of “amy adams nude.” From the beginning, it has been the most popular search phrase among visitors who were actually looking for porn. As of this writing, the tally stands at 127 hits. The same number have searched for “tony award statue,” likely for different reasons.

It is perhaps surprising that more hits (157) have come from searches for “revolutionary road sheet music,” which I am also, alas, unable to provide.

Yesterday I reviewed The Master, in which Adams has a nude scene. It’s mostly obscured and not the slightest bit erotic, but in referencing Amy Adams‘s nudity in that film, in addition to referencing the search statistic above, I’m hoping to boost this entry’s search engine visibility. If my blog has achieved 200,000 hits by tomorrow, I’ll know why.

Considering more conventional stats, Slumdog Millionaire remains far and away my most popular entry (4,146 hits), though in the last 12 months it’s J. Edgar that has received the most views (1,288).

My busiest day (309 hits) was February 23, 2009, the day after the 81st Annual Academy Awards. Not surprisingly, my blog’s popularity increases during Oscar season, though my single busiest month was actually June 2011 (exactly 3,500 hits), thanks primarily to a flood of hits for my review of Too Big to Fail.

I find these things interesting because I’m a stats nerd. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting too. If not, I have 399 other items for you to choose from.