Film Review The Grand Budapest Hotel

I liked it, but wanted to like it more after having so enjoyed the trailer.

One problem, for me, is that Wes Anderson movies have become so Wes Andersony that they’re starting to feel kind of stifled. Those swift camera pans and pivots. Those straight-on tableaus. The deadpan quirkiness. It sometimes feels like the actors are performing in hermetic dioramas.

They are, however, beautiful dioramas. I think the film is a strong early candidate for Best Production Design, and worth consideration for its costumes as well. There are genuinely funny, genuinely moving moments in it, and I like how Anderson gets something fresh and unusual from Ralph Fiennes, who is usually so buttoned-up. F. Murray Abraham is also worthy of note. It’s a touching story, but I wish Anderson would relax a bit and let some air into his signature style.