Dir. Richard Kelly
(R) ½★

Serpentine: “Two identical souls walking the face of the Earth, co-existing in the same domain of chaos. What will happen if they shake hands?”

Boxer Santaros: “The fourth dimension will collapse upon itself, you stupid bitch!”

Richard Kelly. Oh Richard Kelly. He made a really interesting movie in 2001 called Donnie Darko. It was an intriguing head-trip of a movie, though if you listen to Kelly’s explanation of it on the DVD commentary, it turns out to be quite a stupid movie. I can’t remember when I’ve been as deflated by a film as when I listened to Kelly matter-of-factly deconstruct his moving character study and put it back together as a superhero yarn about repairing the space-time continuum. Think about his analysis for too long and it comes apart like tissue paper.

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