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Dir. Oren Moverman
(2011, R, 105 min)

I wrote a review of Rampart that I didn’t publish, and having had the opportunity to see it twice, I’m glad I didn’t publish it, because my opinion has changed. The first time, I found it disjointed, with an excess of characters and subplots clogging up the works. Story points seemed ambiguous that shouldn’t have been, and relationships were vague. But the second time, I saw past the distractions and recognized at the heart of it a strong character study about a man whose tricks for getting by no longer serve him, and who thinks he’ll get away clean long after he’s sullied beyond repair.

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Michael Cera, in 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'

Dir. Edgar Wright
(2010, PG-13, 112 min)
★ ★ ½

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World would be brilliant were it not for the Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s built on a clever and frequently touching metaphor of young love as a video game, filtering the anxiety of romance through the eyes of the post-Xbox generation. Love literally is a battlefield; instead of baggage, these characters have boss battles. But the film can’t keep still. It’s a funny, sweet, dizzying, over-caffeinated whirligig of disjointed gags bumping into each other at light speed. A lot of it works. It’s intelligent about romantic growing pains. But it needs a chill pill.

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