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The Unsung Heroes of 2008

Highlighting those overlooked performances from 2008 that deserved greater accolades.

Asia Argento, in 'The Last Mistress'
The Last Mistress

Set in 19th Century France, Catherine Breillat’s film is not about love — it’s about addiction. Because as played by Argento, Spanish seductress Vellini is not a romantic heroine but a creature of obsessive need and hunger. The actress shows ferocious commitment in a performance that ventures into some of the ugliest realms of human desire. She is frequently nude, but it is her emotional nakedness that distinguishes her.

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Academy Award statuette

As the late-year Oscar rush continues, here are a few of the year’s worthiest contenders the Motion Picture Academy has probably missed.

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On DVD: “The Fall”

Justine Waddell, from

Dir. Tarsem Singh
(R) ★ ★ ★ ★

There isn’t a single shot in The Fall that isn’t interesting. The great majority are beautiful. Several are astonishing. Shot in two dozen countries, the film takes advantage of some of the most remarkable locations in the world and redefines the possibilities of the medium. It has Lawrence of Arabia’s sensitivity to physical space, shown in glorious wide shots of deserts, mountains, and architecturally magnificent buildings. It is equally attentive to color, a broad palate showcased in the remarkable costumes and natural landscapes. There are no green screens. This is an easy bet for my list of the year’s best films.

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