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cabin in the woods

Dir. Drew Goddard
(2012, R, 95 minutes)

One of the first thoughts that came to mind while watching The Cabin in the Woods is how much better it is at addressing some of the same themes as Michael Haneke‘s sanctimonious, condescending Funny Games. The two films don’t have the same aim, necessarily, but both are meta-horror movies, using the tropes of the genre to comment on them, shining a light on how we produce and consume violent culture.

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Dir. Joss Whedon
(2012, PG-13, 143 min)

The challenge of any superhero movie is suspending disbelief. That’s usually a fair bargain, but The Avengers requires multiple suspensions of multiple disbeliefs, and the collision of a handful of superhero worlds – each with its own system of techno-mystical logic – can draw undue attention to their absurdity. A man (Mark Ruffalo) who turns into a giant green monster because of exposure to gamma radiation is all well and good, but when he sits around chatting with the Norse god of thunder and a World War II-era super-soldier freeze-dried since the 1940s, well, don’t they all start to look a little silly?

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“Thor” – Ker-SMASH!!!

Dir. Kenneth Branagh
(2011, PG-13, 115 min)

Thor, based on the Marvel comic book series, takes itself just seriously enough to fail completely. It’s directed by Kenneth Branagh, which is sort of like asking Julia Child to prepare Ramen noodles, but it’s a nonstarter in any event because the Thor story, at its heart, doesn’t jibe with itself. On Earth, there are scientists (played by Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgard) and government agents studying atmospheric disturbances and wormholes with advanced equipment. But somewhere in the heavens is Asgard, where Norse gods go about the business of godliness, and the two worlds never make sense together.

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