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Dir. Steven Spielberg
(2012, PG-13, 149 minutes)

Lincoln is a film of great import that is very insistent about how important it is. It’s full of grandiose reverence, from the florid speeches in Tony Kushner‘s screenplay, to the heroic orchestrations of John Williams‘s score, to the loving close-ups by director Steven Spielberg. Unfortunately, the cumulative result is a tone that is often rather bloodless, lacking vigor, so respectful of its subject matter that its approach ends up feeling dry – instructional, occasionally interesting, more procedural than passionate.

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Penelope Cruz, in 'Nine'

Dir. Rob Marshall
(2009, PG-13, 119 min)
★ ★ ½

Nine is a watchable and intermittently satisfying film, but I’m not sure what it’s about. It’s based on the Broadway musical inspired by Federico Fellini’s famed semi-autobiographical film . I saw a few years ago for a film class; I’m not sure I knew what it was about either.

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