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only god forgives

I knew this had poor reviews, but what I’d heard about it made me think it would at least be interesting — if not good, then at least the kind of bad that would be entertaining in its own way.

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Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn
(2011, R, 100 min)

Drive does not star Vin Diesel or Paul Walker or gratuitous bikini models dancing in party scenes, as at least one viewer was disappointed to discover. The ads for the film were a bit misleading, suggesting a high-octane chase movie in order to get people into the theater – a similar marketing tactic rankled many viewers of George Clooney‘s The American last year – but having now seen the film, I don’t think the ads were patently dishonest; if this film represents an outrage for not being The Fast and the Furious, I think it says more about the viewer than the film.

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