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Dir. Wes Anderson
(2012, PG-13, 94 minutes)

Moonrise Kingdom is odd even by Wes Anderson standards. His visual compositions are eerily symmetrical. His shots are straight on, rarely – perhaps never – angled. His camera moves on a horizontal or vertical axis at all times. And like his visual approach his characters and their dialogue are mannered – dry and controlled, yet whimsical. It’s not an easy film to digest, but that’s not surprising for Anderson. I remember in 2007 I had to watch The Darjeeling Limited twice: the first time I was nonplussed, but the second time I was unexpectedly touched.

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Dir. Tim Blake Nelson
(2010, R, 105 min)
★ ★

Leaves of Grass is a tremendously interesting film that is also tremendously frustrating. Written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, who is better known for his work as a character actor, it takes a page from the Coen Brothers, whom Nelson thanks in the credits and for whom he co-starred in 2000’s O Brother, Where Art Thou? Aiming to be a kind of Okie Fargo, it explores themes of nihilism and chaos the Coens’ also considered in their films No Country for Old Men (which I loved) and A Serious Man (which I hated), and the result is just as inconsistent for Nelson as it has been for the Coens … Read the rest of my review at Culturazzi.org.

Dir. Louis Leterrier
(PG-13) ★ ★

That’ll teach them to impugn the good name of Ang Lee.

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