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Dir. Simon Curtis
(2011, R, 101 min)

According to the production notes, My Week with Marilyn is about “the brief, charged connection [Marilyn Monroe] forged with a young man who came to understand her better than anyone.” The film’s biggest problem is that it believes that. I can’t comment on the actual week young, wide-eyed Colin Clark spent with Monroe while she filmed The Prince and the Showgirl, but the character in the film, played by Eddie Redmayne, doesn’t seem to understand her very well at all. That the film idealizes their relationship misses what really seems to have been at the heart of Monroe’s loneliness and isolation.

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“Thor” – Ker-SMASH!!!

Dir. Kenneth Branagh
(2011, PG-13, 115 min)

Thor, based on the Marvel comic book series, takes itself just seriously enough to fail completely. It’s directed by Kenneth Branagh, which is sort of like asking Julia Child to prepare Ramen noodles, but it’s a nonstarter in any event because the Thor story, at its heart, doesn’t jibe with itself. On Earth, there are scientists (played by Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgard) and government agents studying atmospheric disturbances and wormholes with advanced equipment. But somewhere in the heavens is Asgard, where Norse gods go about the business of godliness, and the two worlds never make sense together.

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