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only god forgives

I knew this had poor reviews, but what I’d heard about it made me think it would at least be interesting — if not good, then at least the kind of bad that would be entertaining in its own way.

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in the house ozonDir. Francois Ozon
(2013, Not Rated, 105 minutes)

In the House is only the second film I’ve seen by Francois Ozon, and perhaps by coincidence it’s markedly similar to the first: 2002’s Swimming Pool. They are alike in their delicious, twisting narrative structures and their perspectives on the inner workings of artists’ minds. Swimming Pool was about the mysterious impulses of a crime novelist. This one focuses on a teenager, who is taken under the wing of his jaded literature teacher, but who is teaching whom, and what is being taught?

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Dir. Sam Taylor-Wood
(2010, R, 98 min)
★ ★ ★

Nowhere Boy is a music biopic that works because it’s less about the making of the music than it is about the making of the man. Telling the story of John Lennon as a teenager just discovering his love of rock music, its least interesting scenes are the ones of the forming of the band that would become the Beatles. Have you met my friend Paul? He’s pretty good on the guitar! Such scenes in such films tend toward self-consciousness. The characters are oblivious to the importance of meeting, while the film winks at the audience about the epochal encounter.

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