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The Best Films of 2010

I’ll go out on a limb and declare 2010 the best year for movies since I’ve been watching them, going back almost fifteen years. That has something to do with Netflix, through which I’ve accessed more foreign, independent, and documentary titles than ever before, but it’s more a credit to the work of great filmmakers.

2009 was the nadir. That year had no shortage of good films, and a few great ones, and I unreservedly stand by each I listed among the best, but there were few I felt unequivocally passionate about, few that held up against previous years’ offerings. I started to question myself, wondering if I’d lost some of the thrill of moviegoing. 2010 put that fear to rest.

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Dir. Lixin Fan
(2010, Not Rated, 90 min)
★ ★ ★ ★

The 2-Train runs along the west side of Manhattan and into the Bronx. I used to ride it home from the city but stopped doing so because it took too damn long. During off-peak hours, sometimes you’d wait twenty minutes for a train to come. Twenty minutes! And then you’d have to wait as long as thirty minutes for a bus to take you the rest of the way. Intolerable! But the journey shown in Last Train Home, which is a matter-of-fact reality for 130 million Chinese migrant workers (that’s almost half the population of the United States), makes me and my similarly impatient New York brethren look like pussies.

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