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Dir. Rodrigo Garcia
(2011, R, 113 min)

Albert Nobbs is a pretty good film that would have been better if it had gotten rid of the exposition. I say that often, but this is a unique case in which the exposition not only gets in the way but makes the characters less clear. This is the labor of love of actress Glenn Close, who plays the title character and also co-wrote the screenplay and penned the song “Lay Your Head Down” for the closing credits. Albert, who lives in 19th century Ireland, is a woman living as a man. She works as a waiter at a hotel, anticipating the needs of the guests but otherwise keeps to herself. In her practiced shyness, she’s interesting. Beneath her placid exterior is a vivid inner life full of longings, regrets, and aspirations … Read the rest of my review at Culturazzi.


Dir. Rodrigo García
(2010, R, 127 min)
★ ★ ½

Mother and Child is a film about adoption that never lets us forget it’s about adoption. It’s the subject of scenes even when it doesn’t make sense for it to be, as when the owner of a high-powered law firm asks his new associate why she never searched for her birth mother, or when, at a family picnic, another character’s step-daughter asks out of nowhere why she’s never searched for the daughter she gave up. We’re not watching characters who have experienced adoption. We’re watching characters written entirely around adoption.

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