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Dir. Oren Moverman
(2011, R, 105 min)

I wrote a review of Rampart that I didn’t publish, and having had the opportunity to see it twice, I’m glad I didn’t publish it, because my opinion has changed. The first time, I found it disjointed, with an excess of characters and subplots clogging up the works. Story points seemed ambiguous that shouldn’t have been, and relationships were vague. But the second time, I saw past the distractions and recognized at the heart of it a strong character study about a man whose tricks for getting by no longer serve him, and who thinks he’ll get away clean long after he’s sullied beyond repair.

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Steven Weber and Michael T. Weiss, in 'Jeffrey'

Dir. Christopher Ashley
(1995, R, 93 min)
★ ★ ½

Jeffrey is sort of a sitcom Angels in America, set about a decade after Tony Kushner’s masterpiece about gay life at the dawn of the AIDS crisis, a mid-point between ‘80s terror and ‘00s complacency. Paul Rudnick wrote the screenplay based on his 1992 play, and though made around the same time as Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work it feels a lot more dated, which is less the result of its subject than of its treatment. Directed too broadly by Christopher Ashley, a stage vet who treats the screen too much like the stage, it’s preachy and self-conscious, at times more a lesson than a story, but it’s not a bad film, per se. It’s blessed with excellent performances — though at times those performances seem to be coming from different films altogether — and sporadic insight into a period of sexual uncertainty and dread, and in its pioneering way it’s even an important film. I have a stubborn affection for it despite its flaws.

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Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington, in 'Avatar'

Dir. James Cameron
(2009, PG-13, 162 min)
★ ★ ½

Leaving James Cameron’s science-fiction epic, I didn’t think it was possible to reconcile its parts into a single review. So I wrote two.

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