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I was curious, it streams instantly on Netflix, and it was only 60 minutes, so I figured, what the hell.

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Larry Craig

Dir. Kirby Dick
(2009, R, 89 min)
★ ★ ★

“I think I should just keep my mouth shut. Call me in ten years and I’ll tell you a story.” — Kelly Crosby Heyniger, responding to the claim that her ex-boyfriend, Florida governor Charlie Crist, is gay

Washington, we’re told, is gayer than San Francisco, but its closet door is nailed shut. Our nation’s capital, an insulated mecca of political ambition, is steeped in a tradition of going along to get along, and identity runs a distant second to job security. A lot of those gay staffers operating under the radar — or sometimes very visibly on the radar — are working against gay rights, whether they believe in it or not. Why? Because every year is election year.

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'Trembling Before G-d'

If there’s one thing Christians, Muslims, and orthodox Jews agree on, it’s that gays aren’t welcome. Of course, each group believes the other two are eternally rejected by God too, so what are you gonna do? … Read the rest of my review at Culturazzi.org

Dir. Tom Gustafson
(2008, Not Rated, 92 min)
★ ★

It’s that old story: A young man sings, “Up and down and up and down, I will lead them up and down,” and then sprays juice from his magic flower that turns everyone gay.

Don’t worry, it’s Shakespeare … sort of.

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Sean Penn, in

Dir. Gus Van Sant
(R) ★ ★ ★ ½

I debated myself on the way home from Milk. I took notes full of stylistic criticisms and disappointments, and soon I was almost convinced I hadn’t seen a very good film. However, I knew I had seen a very good film, one that affected and galvanized me. Its story has an emotional power beyond any qualms about its aesthetics.

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